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Something Altogether Different 

Your Kind of Love is Dangerous

Your Light and Dark

Someone Somewhere

Love Fights Fear

You Want Too Much

Rare Find


The Mountain

If I Was Your Lover

Desert Cottontail Tries to Die

What Goes Up Must Come Down

No Such Thing as Far Away

Sometimes Things Happen In 3's

How to Close Your Heart

Riding the Tide

Today I Bought an Orchid

I'll Never be a Hiker

The Big Bang

Fitting Together

The Shade was Pinot

The Wedding

What Would Happen?

The Passing

My Descent

The Landing

Death by Butter Knife

Rabbit Hole

Writing with my Feet

Leaf Music

Fucking Puzzle

13 Onions


Reads like a poem:
Mt. Hood Circumnavigation
Mt. Rainier Circumnavigation

My Descent 3/16/14

When an Idea Dies 7/31/13

The River During Spring Melt 1/7/13

Identity Crisis 12/8/12

The Landing 11/26/12
Nautilus Lovers 11/24/12
The Suit on Fire at Lithia 11/2/12

The French Invasion 11/19/12
Rock on

Rabbit Hole 11/14/12
Seeking Danger 10/30/12

13 Onions

Let it Snow 12/20/12


Heather's 100 mile Hallucination

Call Me Back When You


Just Relax

Leaf Music


Mythical Creatures

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  1. I'm glad to see your site back. Please collect the poetry from FB and post it here. I've enjoyed it.


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