Epic Runs

Here are a few of my more epic runs, FKTs, and notables. Listed in order of most recent to least recent

How the HURT 100 Turned into a Love Story 4th place female

New Wonderland Trail 95 mile Fastest Known Time August 2018, new unsupported FKT FKT of the Year, 3rd place

HURT 2018 Race Report: Dealing with a DNF

UltraFiord 108 mi: How to Become a Conqueror, 1st place female, 5th overall. 108 miles in Patagonia, Chile. April 2015

1st at Zion 100: A Poem, a Win, and Unlikely Friendships, 1st place woman 23:04. 9th overall. 100 mile trail race.

2nd place at 2014 HURT 100 Endurance Run  (2nd female, 12th overall.  9th fastest women's time ever for the HURT 100). 100 miles, almost 25,000 feet of ascent on Jan 19-20, 2014.

2013 Cascade Crest 100 Race Report: (5th place, 29th overall) 100 miles, August 24-25, 2013.  Proudest moment? Almost even 50 mile splits!

Tarawera 85k in New Zealand: 53 miles, March 16, 2013 (2nd place/7th overall)

The Magical Na Pali Coast Trail: mean rangers, naked hippies, and killer trails, 22 miles, Feb. 2013

Most Dangerous Hike in Oahu, Feb. 2013

Trail Running Adventure on Oahu, Jan. 2013

HURT 100 mile Endurance Run, 3rd place, Jan. 2013

50 miles with Salomon: TNF50 San Francisco, 12/1/12

Bellingham to Mount Baker: 60 miles, 11/7/12

Circumnavigating Mt. Hood, Oregon: 40 miles, 9/26/12

Wonderland Trail FKT solo/unsupported, Circumnavigating Mt. Rainier: 93 miles. 9/15-16/12
    -The nitty-gritty story
    -Garmin details

Plain 107 mile Race Report (DNF): 62 miles. 9/8/12

First Loop of Plain 107mi course with Dan Probst, 53 miles on 8/7/12

Running the Enchantments with James Varner, 18 miles on 8/15/12 Leavenworth, WA 

Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) 100 mile Race Report (2nd place/7th overall), 7/20-7/21/12

Silverton Alpine 12 hour race, 2nd place/3rd overall at 9,000 feet, 6/30/12, 48 miles

Trans-Zion FKT unsupported, 48 miles in Zion National Park 11/16/11

Cascade Crest 100 mile race report, WA 9/2011

Hardrock 100 race report (from me, the crew) 7/2011

Rainier to Ruston 50 mile (1st place/3rd overall), rhabdomyolysis & a win 6/2011

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