About Candice

I like to run really far. I'm a professional runner and a full time business owner. I'm obsessed with maps and creating routes in the mountains. In fact this obsession turned into my profession. What used to be a weird niche passion, became my work and now I create adventures for the adventurous full time through my company Destination Trail, a race organization and management company I created and manage.

I'm also host and producer for Humans of Ultraruning podcast

I enjoy using all the tools I can to explore and I love mountain biking, backcountry skiing, slacklining, yoga and anything that keeps me moving in addition to trail running which will always be my first love due to its perfect simplicity. I am also a single mom to two amazing girls. For as much as I love running adventures, I appreciate and am grateful for my family and the adventure that is being a parent. There's nothing better than coming home to family.

Race Organization 
My company Destination Trail, LLC, organizes some of the most scenic, challenging and, well, LONG trail races in the USA. I created the first three non-repetitive 200 mile races in the USA. I call it the Triple Crown of 200s. It's the ultimate endurance challenge!

I run with support from Altra & Spring Energy

To contact me, please email: candice@destinationtrailrun.com

If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.

Running the HURT 100, by Rob Lahoe