About Candice

Candice is a runner, adventurer, mom, race creator & organizer. She set an unsupported (fastest known time) record on the 170 mile Tahoe Rim Trail and other Fastest Known Times and has won various ultramarathons including the Delirious WEST 200 mile in Australia and the Ultra Fiord 100 mile in Chile. 

Candice is obsessed with maps and creating routes in the mountains. This obsession turned into her profession when she started a community based trail running series and club in 2012 in Washington State. What began as a small series of trail races turned into year around trail running adventures and world class events all the way up to 240 miles with her company Destination Trail

Home Life & Passions
Candice lives in Colorado with her two teenagers, 4 dogs and a cat. She's passionate about running, ultra-light gear, thru hiking, bike packing and anything else that gets her out on the trails. Candice has a background in physical therapy and massage, which she practiced for nearly 10 years before getting into creating and organizing extreme mountain races. In her spare time she studies natural medicine and preventative therapies for humans and animals. She's currently developing a trail running series in Tucson, Arizona including a new 150++ miler.
Photo by Mikey Brown

Destination 200 miles
Candice created the first non-repetitive 200+ mile mountain trail races in the USA and played a role in popularizing the 200 mile distance through her unique 200+ mile events that attract athletes from all over the world and have been featured in The New York Times and Joe Rogan's podcast to name a few! 

You can learn about Candice's 200 mile races here: Triple Crown of 200s

Destination Trail: Offering long distance mountain adventures
Destination Trail, LLC, organizes a calendar full of scenic and challenging trail races in the USA. With the Triple Crown of 200s, Destination Trail created the first three non-repetitive 200 mile races in the USA: Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200 and Moab 240 mile endurance runs. The Triple Crown is the ultimate endurance challenge. Registration for the series opens May 1-31 at https://www.destinationtrailrun.com/triple-crown 

To contact Candice, please email: candice@destinationtrailrun.com

For business inquires related to Candice's events, please contact racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com

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