Friday, August 22, 2014

Home is where the trail goes: 3 days fastpacking on the Tahoe 200 course

I always think I'm just about there, that's why I keep going. 

To give the world your very best you cannot just give selflessly, rather you must pursue your passion all the while giving selflessly. 

I want to live somewhere I can just go into the backcountry on any whim. 

A few of the many thoughts I had at the beginning of my get-away-from-the-craziness-of-the-Tahoe -200-prep-by-fastpacking-trip.  I took 3 days, just me and my pack on the trails. I turned off my phone and turned on the world. It's like taking a crayon and coloring in the picture of your life. That's what the trails and mountains mean to me. I averaged about 30 miles a day and camped along the way on the bare ground. it was cold and dirty, but it was real and I felt alive. I loved the ache in my legs the pain of thirst and hunger and it's subsequent satisfaction. I have been so heavily involved in my race directing work that I am beginning to really crave simple experiences. To just go a month without making any lists. For now, that will have to wait until after my directing races season, basically after the Cle Elum Ridge 50k Sept. 27.

Here are some photos from my trip, including the supplies/gear I used.

In hindsight I brought waaaay too much packed seafood. Bletch. I finished the trail mix and regretted not including more snack foods. 

This was the only mountain lion I saw the entire way!

I expertly taped my ankle so as to not sprain it since I no longer have the ligaments to hold it in place adequately.


  1. Gorgeous photographs. Always amazes me how deep the true connection is where we simplify and disconnect. Slainte.

  2. Great job Candice and very nice pictures. Sometime when the race is over let us know what your route was, okay?

  3. Simply breathtaking views at every turn! Thanks so much for taking care of you... :) That Dam guy!

  4. Beautiful pics!! Really hoping to make it to this event in the next few years!


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