Monday, August 11, 2014

Sometimes things happen in 3's

Sometimes things happen in 3's

At the grocery store buying beer
Grabbed the Fresh Squeezed IPA
Next stop, pinot noir in the wine isle
I was reaching for the bottle
When three beers fell right though the case,
Shattering on the waxed
Grocery store floor.

Not to be slowed by acts of God
I went right back to Fresh Squeezed
This time with hand under 6 pack
Grabbed the Pinot Noir without incident
Bought the two, hunched over & coughing

Sometimes things happen in 3's:
It's been more than 3 months
My foot aching only when I run.
Like that foot was trying to tell me
to slow the fuck down. 
Each month like each beer, 
shattering on the floor.  

3 months turned into a walking boot
A walking boot turned into a cough
My cough turned into a broken rib
My broken rib finally slowed me down
Enough to write this poem.

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