Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today I bought an Orchid

Today I bought an orchid
My last one died a slow 
Death until one day, 
Its stem and roots separated 
There was no illusion of life 
Left in that orange clay pot.

Today I brought the new orchid home
Still unsure why the last one died, 
It wasn't enough for me to love 
Its beauty and desire 
Its presence in my house.

Today the wind blows so strong
Yet I cannot see it.
I see how it animates the trees 
Sometimes violently

Sometimes with soft caresses
Making the pine needs dance
Pine cones dropping 
It's Spring and new pine trees
Will be growing.

Today I wonder why 
Some trees fall 
Their invisible roots
Insufficient to the wind's force.

Do the weak trees answer
Some invisible call
Back to the earth
Their death the start of life
For the wind's pinecones?

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