Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'll Never be a Hiker

I'll never be a hiker,
I'd just take off down the trail
To  feel my body hot, breathing
To feel the pain of fatigue
Running though my legs
Arteries of experience
Bundled into a day
And fifty miles.

You can't ask the hummingbird
To slow it's dance among the flowers
It is incapable of using its feet
For anything but perching.
Should it need to move 
just two inches
It must fly,
Fifty flaps a second.

I need to feel the hard ground
As it leaps up into my legs,
My legs, bleeding into it:
They're clouds
Letting loose a rain storm
The rain, answering a call 
To create growth.

Bon Iver in the background
Inspiration from a world
That spins right into 
and through me.

In a moment as strong
As a winter storm,
I can't stop writing translations
Of emotion from the world
In a leather journal

As you read me,
You too, will translate
Your world coming alive
Through my words.


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