Sunday, April 27, 2014

Riding the Tide

I'm looking through a telescope
All I can see is you
Smiling at me
I can't help but smile
Starting at my toes
A wave through my entire body,
The wave an entire tide
Moving me:

I'm in my little blue toyota matrix
Muddy ripped running shoes
A rumpled sleeping bag in the backseat
Carton of unsweetened almond milk
Ready to pour into a thermos
Trail maps floating on the floor
Like the kelp beds off shore
Bobbing and swaying
To the undulations of the road.

The tide is moved by the moon,
And again the world is a tiny circle
With you right in the middle
I'm afraid I'll loose my balance
Moving into shore and back out
From day to night.

Again the tide moves:
I'm in yoga class
Tree pose, Sara Beth says
My right foot wedged on my thigh,
I'm swaying as though caught
In a swirling whirlpool--

All I want is to be in final Savasana,
My heart gently kissing the sky
To the movement of my breath
My body floating.

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