Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Training Journal 6/24-6/30

Monday, June 24- Sunday June 30, 2013:  Fun times exploring high altitude Colorado.  First Leadville, then Buena Vista, then off to Silverton/Ouray.  Ran the coolest 30 mile loop EVER just outside of Crested Butte: 4 Pass Loop.  How many cool mountain towns does this state have?  I am also beginning to notice that residents are pretty proud of their state: lots of Colorado State flags and lots of people wearing hats and shirts with the state flag.  Not that I blame them.  Back to the 4 Pass Loop: pure running awesomeness with lots of climbing and good friends, plus some new ones. 
Monday: 8.25 mi 3900 ft/5hr climb Mt Massive 10000-14,200 ft. Slow easy pace
Tuesday: Twin lakes run near Leadville, 13 miles/1,000ft gain. 3 hr---had to walk as James got shin pain. 21 mile bike ride, 500 ft/1.25hr
Wednesday: 6.5 miles, 1700 ft 2hr Buena Vista hills@8-9,500 ft, at 90-100 degress F
Thursday: Colorado trail 6.5 miles, 1000 ft. 1.5 hr
Friday: day off
Saturday: 9 miles, 3900 ft 3 hr Ouray trails at heat of the day
Sunday: 4 pass loop, 8,700 ft 30 miles 9 hr

Running Miles: 66.75
Run Elevation Gain: 14,300 ft
Time Running: 23.5 hr
Biking: 21 miles/500ft gain
Total Exercise Time: 24.75hr

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