Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Training Journal 6/17-6/23

Monday, June 17- Sunday, June 23, 2013: I tapered this week for the San Juan Solstice 50 miler.  I figured it would be tough enough to warrant a taper even though my real focus is getting ready to do the whole TRT.  As it turned out, I felt awful most of the race.  Especially the first 2 climbs.  We began on a dirt road that gradually led up to the first monster climb and on the road I got a horrible stomach ache.  I thought I'd drop at the first aid, then at the second aid, then---well, dammit if I didn't just keep going thanks to getting ready for Tahoe.  Sure, I wasn't running competitively like I wanted to, but I was getting in 50 miles nonetheless! This week marked my first week at real altitude for the month long Colorado/Tahoe trip.
Running in the Elkhorn Mts in Eastern, Oregon
 Monday: 13 mile run in Elkhorn Mountains from 5,500ft-9,100 altitude. 4,000ft/3.5hr
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: 36.5 mile bike ride with 900 ft/2.5 hr from Glenwood Springs past Carbondale on the Glenwood Springs trail.
Thursday: 4 miles at 12,000+ feet.  750 ft/climb. 1 hr easy
Friday: day off
Saturday: SJS50, 50 miles in 13:30hr 12,300 ft. at elevations ranging from 8,500-13,500.
Sunday: 31.5 mile bike ride from Buena Vista to Leadville, CO. 3 hr/2000 ft

Running Miles: 67 miles
Run Elevation Gain: 17,050 ft
Running Time: 18 hr
Biking miles/gain: 68 miles/ 2900ft
Total Exercise Time: 23.5 hr

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