Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Journal 2/4-2/10

Monday, February 4-Sunday, February 10, 2013: Back to Hawaii this week! I'm a lucky gal!  Helped out with some trail mapping and camped all week with James & Co. It was difficult to get the kind of mileage in that I wanted between *trying* to work on race planning stuff and sharing a rental car with 4 other people. Kauai kicks ass by the way. Please note that I went from being on Orcas on Monday to traveling to Oahu on Tuesday. That meant packing up from Orcas Monday, going home to Bellingham Monday. Repacking my stuff for hotter, sunnier Hawaii,  then leaving at 5am Tuesday to catch my flight. Damn, I'm getting good at this!
Running the La'ie trail in it's entirety this time! James and I ran all the way to the summit, but sadly it was very foggy so no 360 view of the island.
Monday: Total of 9.5 miles.  morning 4.5 mile run on Orcas (SE Boundary Trail) 2,000 feet climbing. 5mile run Sehome hill evening, 700 feet of climbing
Tuesday: Travelled to Oahu today, had enough time for 4.5 miles. Run on the North Shore of Oahu at night, paved trail/dirt road. 200 feet of climbing.
Wednesday: 8 mile run in the morning on bike path and Laie trail, 2,000 feet climbing. PM 6 mile run on Lolipop Haulua trail, 2,500 feet of climbing.
Thursday: 15 mile trail run- Laie trail + beach. 3,200 feet of climbing
Friday: 5 mile run on the beach from Maleakahana Campground.
Saturday: 6 mile run on road/La'ie Trail. 700 feet of climbing
Sunday: 4 mile beach run on Oahu. Traveled to Kauai today, and didn't have much time to run.

Running Miles: 58
Running Elevation Gain: 11,300 feet
Cross training: I have begun to do plank x 3 every day. Yup. Eeryday. Side plank and face down 1 minute each.

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