Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Journal 1/28-2/3

Monday, January 28- Sunday, February 3, 2013: Spent another week on Orcas Island helping out for the 50k race/preparations.  I did a lot of my running on the road and taped my ankle really good when I did some trail runs.  Still struggling to get a lot of mileage in with such a heavy work load and not feeling super motivated to get the long runs in.  I'm probably a little burned out from HURT and a tough fall/winter training schedule.
Getting some running in while taking photos for the Orcas Island 50k
Monday: 8 miles on the road on Orcas island. 1,100 feet climbing (pretty hilly)
Tuesday: 8 miles on the road toward Moran State Park. 1,100 ft climbing.
Wednesday: 14.5 miles total.  5.5 miles in the AM @ tempo on road.  800 ft climbing, 40 minutes. 9 miles course marking for Orcas Island 50k. Super slow, 3:45. 3,500 feet of climbing.
Thursday: 8.5 mile run. Road/night run. 1hr 10 min. 1,100 feet climbing
Friday: 4 mile run while waiting for the ferry.  500 feet climbing. Road. Washington park, Anacortes.
Saturday: 4 miles while photographing for 50k. 1,000 feet
Sunday: 17 miles on the orcas 50k course. 3,500 feet climbing

Running Miles: 64
Elevation Gain: 12,600 feet of climbing
Cross training: 0

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