Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Journal 1/21-1/27

Monday, January 27- Sunday, January 27, 2013: This was a recovery week after HURT.  My sprained ankle was really unstable, so I did a lot of running on the road to make sure that I didn't turn it again.  I also went directly from Hawaii to spending one day at home packing race supplies for the Orcas Island races to going to Orcas Island to help with the race.  It's amazing I fit any running in!
Helping out at the Orcas Island 25k, photo by Glenn Tachiyama.
Monday: day after the HURT100 mile race. Rest day.
Tuesday: 3 mile easy run, Honolulu. last day in paradise. 1,500 feet
Wednesday: day off
Thursday:  8 easy miles with 3,500 feet of climbing. Ankle is still sore/swollen. Needed to do this for course marking the Orcas Island 25k.
Friday: 4 miles on the road.  Felt great, but ankle seems unstable (and is swollen) and I was afraid to run on the trails.
Saturday: 2 miles, 1,500 ft climbing
Sunday: 5 miles on Pickett Mountain. 1,500 ft climbing.  Took it easy. Ankle still unstable and couldn't run well on the downhill.  Uphills felt good.

Running Miles: 22 miles
Elevation Gain: 8,500 feet of climbing
Cross training: 0

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