Monday, February 4, 2013

Training Journal 1/14-1/20

Monday, January 14-Sunday, January 20, 2013: This was the week of the much anticipated HURT 100 mile endurance run!  This week I finally decided that I needed to get my foot checked before the race so that I could run better at HURT.  I'd been having foot pain since early November when I got my mileage up consistently and I needed to know if it was something serious (ie. stress fracture).  Thursday before the race I saw a sports med doctor and got an x-ray.  The doctor gave me the green light to run- no discernable stress fractures.  He diagnosed the pain as a tendonitis and recommended resting after the race. 
Running at HURT
Monday: 6 miles, 1,100ft climbing La'ie Trail. Ran the entire thing, hills and all, and felt very strong. No pain.
Tuesday: 4 miles Olomana 2,000 ft climbing. Easy pace.
Wednesday: 4 mile beach run. 500 ft. climbing
Thursday: 4 mile walk/run easy. 700 feet of climbing
Friday: day off
Saturday/Sunday: HURT 100 mile race. 100 miles, 26,000 feet of climbing. 28hr 35min. 3rd place finish.15th overall.

Running miles: 118 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 30,300 feet
Cross training: 3 days of plank core exercises
Total time running: 33hr. 35 min

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