Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Journal 2/11-2/17

Monday, February 11-Sunday, February 17, 2013: Spent the first part of the week in Kauai bagging two awesome runs-- the Cross-Kauai (Powerline Trail) and the famous Na Pali Coast Trail.  The rest of the week was difficult to get much running in with all the race directing preparations for the first race in my series, Fragrance Lake 10k/20k.  I am, however, feeling quite fast and strong on the road/urban trail loop that I do, perhaps this rest thing is good.... 
Cross-Kauai run, 13 miles.
 Monday: Kauai Powerline Trail, 13 miles 2,300 feet of climbing.
Tuesday: Na Pali Coast Trail, 7,900 feet of climbing, 23 miles
Wednesday: nada.  Traveled back home to Bellingham.
Thursday: Cross training, 1 legged squats, kettlebell, sit ups, plank, arms. 45 mins. Pretty exhausted from all the traveling and have to prepare for Fragrance Lake Race Directing.
Friday: 5 miles Sehome hill loop. 600 feet of climbing plus 8x100 meter hill reps at max pace with 1 min rest.
Saturday: 11 miles total-- 4 miles course marking in AM 800 ft gain, 7 miles around B'ham, 500 feet of elevation gain, tempo 55min.
Sunday: Race directing for Fragrance Lake 10k/20k. Too exhausted to run.  Napped for several hours.

Running Miles: 52 miles (it pains me to write such a teeny number, but some very quality miles!)
Running Elevation Gain: 12,100 feet
Cross training: Plank most days, plus 45 minutes Thursday. 

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