Friday, February 22, 2013

Most Dangerous Hike on Oahu

 ...And also my favorite! 

Olomana Trail near Kailua on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is a super steep hike up and over 3 peaks that follows the ridge line as it climbs at times almost vertically and then plummets just as steeply to the next peak.  Using ropes and basic rock climbing, we scrambled up all 3 peaks.  it's only about 2.75 miles to the farthest peak, but it's so steep and treacherous at times that you are moving pretty slowly.  Joe, James, and I did the hike while the others in our group enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach.  At one point I asked Joe if he'd ever do this hike again, to which he matter-of-factually stated, no!  I'm not sure I totally believe him, but I certainly understand how he felt.  At times you wonder if it's worth the risk.  Despite the leg-shaking ascents and descents, we had an amazing time and afterward, we celebrated our survival at a great local restaurant with some happy hour wine.


  1. Going up is fine, now, I don't know about going down...

  2. this is not the most dangerous hike on oahu... it is one of the most popular though.

  3. Anonymous, what is the most dangerous hike then in your opinion?


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