Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Training Journal 12/24-12/30

Monday, December 24- Sunday December 30, 2012:  A few setbacks this week.  Or to reframe it I'll say I got a little more rest this week than anticipated due to getting the flu on Christmas Eve.  Being sick allowed me to somewhat taper for the Last Chance Marathon (Monday Jan 31), but geez I feel like I've been tapering for 2 (3?) weeks now.  This has given me the chance to continue to cycle indoors with the trainer and do some strength stuff- kettlebell, core work, squats.  I'm also still (now since November) dealing with pain under my big toe that doesn't seem to be getting better with rest.  I'm not sure I have been resting exactly, but definitely toned down since TNF (Dec. 1).
Kettlebell work
Monday: 6 miles 1000 ft climbing. 50 min. Felt too bad to continue with more.  Feverish tonight.  Very nauseous for a few days.
Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: sick
Thursday: 6 miles Stewart Mountain 2,000 ft climbing with BTRC. Plus 1hr on indoor bike (trainer) and 1 hour of core/yoga/kettlebell work. 
Friday: 9 miles, feet are still hurting.  I think I'll just cut them off.  Also felt that tired thing. 600 feet climbing
Saturday: Hill day--8 miles, 3200 feet climbing on Pine & Cedar Trail.  45 min core/kettlebell/yoga
Sunday: 7 miles, 500 feet climbing 1hr, easy

Running Miles: 36
Running Elevation Gain: 7,300 feet
Biking (time): 1hr
Crosstraining (time): 1.75hr
Total Exercise Time: ~8.5hr

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  1. Great Pic Candice.. happy holiday's to you and your family. Too bad about the flu over X-mas, that blows..... Good to hear you took it down a notch for a week to let your body recover. you are great example of a smart & disciplined runner. keep up the great work... ttys


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