Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kamanaiki Ridge Run over Honolulu

The last run on our Oahu trip almost made us miss out flight.  We tried to squeeze it between sleeping in and the airport.  We quite literally went from the run to security at the airport right on to the plane and takeoff.  I personally wouldn't have minded staying on Oahu forever (love the heat/sun) but we have a race to put on this weekend on Orcas Island....

Some pics from the last run in paradise:

The run began up a long steep staircase wedged next to a house and climbed really quickly onto a scenic ridge.
Climbing up through residential area to the ridge.
A rainbow over Honolulu
Some sort of water tower?  It was pretty and colorful!
A little rain, a little sun...on a steep climb.  I took it really easy as my ankle is pretty messed up from spraining it so many times on the HURT100. 

Very steep!

Ridge running with lots of views

Strawberry guava

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