Monday, January 21, 2013

Finished the HURT100

Now I see what James was doing behind me!
First off... I want to thank my body!  As it complains today and shuffles around like a car accident victim I want to thank everyone for your love and support before, during and after HURT100.  I am completely overwhelmed by your well wishes!  What a journey the race was.  I finished 3rd woman, 15th overall in 28:35.  That's good enough for the 8th fastest women's time ever onthe HURT 100 course.  Interesting facts about the 2013 HURT100 race:
121 starters
68 DNFs
53 finishers
That's 43.8% finish rate.

After spraining my ankle at mile 3, I wasn't sure if I would even complete one full loop.  I could not even comprehend quitting so early in the race, so I continued.  I turned that ankle 2 more times on the second loop, each time falling over and rolling on the ground in agony!  The first sprain had stretched the tendons/ligaments and the ankle was completely unstable. Thanks to a great taping job at Maikiki Aid and ibuprofen, I was able to finish the race and stay in the competition!  What a beautiful and tough course!

Thank you Salomon Running for your support!  Salomon makes some pretty amazing trail shoes that PERFORM on the most technical and muddy trails.  Thank you James Varner and Heather Anderson who crewed me at EVERY aid station that was allowed, except when they paced (that's an aid station every 5-7 miles for 100 miles!  I am humbled by your generosity.

Congrats to my friends who conquered the course. Shout out to--- Gary Robbins for an incredible new course record. If anyone is going to beat your course record, it might as well be yourself!  Congrats on 2nd and a PR to Jason Loutitt.  Thank you Kevin Douglas for letting me chase after you all day (and night)and for giving me the certifiably crazy idea to do the race this year. Hats off to Hannah Roberts, top woman, for making the course look easy having the courage to go for it!  Great job to Mel Bos for a solid comeback after getting off course.  She was able to stay positive and make the best of the situation. Thank you to the HURT crew for letting us all suffer on your course. The race was top notch.

Piece of cake. Who says the course is technical?

Am I done yet?!

Finish line!  Finally sitting

This is my "I've been up for almost 30 hours and ran 100 miles" look.

I was a little incoherent at this point, I think maybe I was trying to interview James about his race. Oh wait... I ran the race. 


  1. Congratulations again on your fine race, Candice! And thanks for the details here - I was anxious to hear more of the story!


  2. Congrats on your finish. Nice pic of the tree roots!

  3. What a journey and quite an accomplishment! You are an amazing runner and a person. I hope to move up your way and would love to meet up for a run (ok, I would be bringing up the rear, but you get the idea, LOL)


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