Monday, November 5, 2012

New Shoes Again

So I'm doing a 50 mile training run tomorrow and the thought crossed my mind that my broken down Saucony's might not cut it. Gotta love Fairhaven Runners and Walkers.  Just got a pair of shoes for the month of November, on a recommendation from one of my running heros, Peter Ellis.  Peter is not only a freaky fast runner, he is also a badass mountaineer, working on Rainier during the summer months.  He was a part of the team of rescuers that saved a group of climbers on Mt. Rainier in January and during that rescue saw his good friend fall to his death while trying to save one of the climbers.  I said he was badass right?!
New Shoes!
Needless to say, Peter knows his running shoes and I went with the New balance RC1400. Yes, more road shoes.  They have a great cushioning feel to them without being overbuilt and they have a minimal drop from heel to toe.  I don't mind wearing them on the trail and I need shoes I can use on the treadmill.  I busted my Saucony Progrids (that I got in October) in a little less than a month.  I love them, but I needed something a little burlier for road/trail.

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