Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bellingham to Mt. Baker: 60 mile run

More epic than expected?  Yes.  It went by pretty quick as half of the run was on gravel or road.  Unfortunately, there was a mix up on my ride home (I was supposed to be picked up at mile 45-50) and I had to backtrack for a good 90 minutes before being picked up.  This was mainly because I was way ahead of schedule.

Between the heavy rain and my propensity toward getting cold easily I was miserably cold for the last, oh, 5-6 hours.  Haha.  The run ended up being 60.5 miles with 7,100 feet of climbing. 

Running up Stewart Mountain.  Really cool cloud views
Lake Whatcom, road section

My friend Dan and I started at the water in Bellingham and ran up to Mt. Baker
Starting the descent on Stewart Mountain
SOAKING wet after a big downpour.  Very glad to have brought my rainproof jacket!

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