Monday, November 12, 2012

Training Journal 11/5-11/11

This is the kind of exercise I get as a Race Director.  I'm either warming up my foot or peeing on the heater.
Monday, November 5- Sunday, November 11, 2012: This week was destined to be super busy, but I still got 92 miles in!  How did I manage to do that when I took 3 days off?  By doing one really long day: 60.5 miles on Tuesday.  Sunday I race directed the Bellingham Trail Marathon, which went off without a hitch thanks to lots of pre-planning on my part and a busy week.  Heck, I even got sleep Saturday night!  This was my first race that I directed solo!  Well, I had a LOT of help from amazing volunteers of course.

Monday: took the day off in anticipation for Tuesday's long run.
Tuesday: 60.5 miles.  Cornwall Park (Bellingham) to Mt. Baker.  7,100 feet elevation gain, 12hrs, easy pace.
Wednesday: Day off, not because I was tired or sore (in fact my body felt fine) but because I had too much to do in prep for the Bellingham Trail Marathon.
Thursday: 10 miles of course marking for the race.  Felt more tired than expected, but my stress level was high for race so I am not surprised. 3hrs (it takes a long time to course mark!) with 3,100 feet of elevation gain.
Friday: 2 runs: 7 miles of course marking in the AM (2.25hrs with 1,000 feet of climbing), 5 miles tempo on treadmill in the PM (35 min).  It was just so cold and dark by the time I was able to get out that I opted to treadmill. Felt good.
Saturday: 9.5 miles total.  2.5 miles very easy (course marking, 45 minutes) then 7 miles tempo (50 minutes, 350 feet of climbing).
Sunday: Bellingham Trail Marathon RDing.  No time to run, but ran around with my head cut off---does that count?  Actually the race went really smoothly and I think I looked reasonably calm

Running miles: 92 miles or 148 km
Running elevation gain: 11,550 feet or 3520.44 meters (for our Euro and Canadian friends)
Cross Training: does race directing count?
Hours Exercising: 19.35 hrs or most of a day.
Me giving Ethan his medal for 2nd place.  Ethan has the FKT for unsupported Wonderland Trail (circumnavigation of Mt. Rainier).  So there you have it, the two Wonderland FKT holders at the BTM! A high profile race!
Pre race speech. I think the tape got caught on my fingers

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