Monday, November 5, 2012

Training Journal 10/29-11/4

Monday, October 29, 2012- Sunday, November 4, 2012:  SOLID week.  I am definitely feeling faster and stronger.  I reached 85 miles this week even with taking Monday off completely.  I was planning for 90 by adding a easy evening run this Sunday, but my knee felt a little sore so I opted to not do that run.  On an upside, I had 3 days of two runs a day.  I love doing 2 runs a day!  I tried not to push the mileage as much as I would have at the end of this week because I have a super epic run planned for Tuesday.  Stay tuned! 
Halloween party and live music downtown.  Which means dancing cross training.

Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 16 miles, two runs, 8 miles each.  Morning recovery run (550 feet gain, 1 hr 15min), evening tempo run (700 feet gain, 1 hr.).
Wednesday: 24 mile long run, Chuckanut Mountain (4,000 feet of climbing, 4hr. 30 min)
Thursday: 6 miles easy.  Still recovering from Halloween party and not getting any sleep. (500 feet, 50 min)
Friday: 16 miles total, 2 runs: 8 miles easy in the morning (1hr10min, 700 feet gain), 8 miles hilly trail run in afternoon (1hr. 20min, 1,500 feet of climbing)
Saturday: 14 miles total, 2 runs: 9.5 mile hilly trail run in the morning on Blanchard Mountain (2hr, 3,000 feet of climbing), 4.5 mile treadmill run in the evening (40 minutes)
Sunday: 9 mile speed progression workout on treadmill.  (3 mile warm up, 3 mile cool down, 1hr 15 min approx).

Running miles: 85 miles
Running Elevation Gain: 10,950 feet)
Cross Training: nada
Total Exercise time: 14hrs

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