Monday, August 20, 2012

Training Journal 8/13-8/19

Monday August 13-Sunday August 19:  I spent 27 hours running or biking (3.3 hrs of biking, and 23.7 hours running).  Whoa.  Part of that is doing a slow 40 miler on Tuesday. Slow because we did 18 miles on Monday and during the 40 miler, my shin pain (tendonitis) got too painful to really run in the last 10 miles.  I kept stopping to massage it and stretch. It took an agonizing 12 hours.  The pain is gone as I sit here typing, all it took was massage, foam rolling, massage, ice. I thank James' elbow much for the help.  Let's say that this week I thought about my taper: the when, the what, the frustration of cutting back on what I love so much.  Tapering sucks, but it is a very important part of a racing cycle.  I didn't taper this week.  I am still 3 weeks out from Plain100.  News on the Garmin front. I upgraded as my 310xt crashed after just 9 months of use.  Now I have a more accurate 910.  Love it.
Running the Enchantments on Monday
Monday: 18 mile point to point run at the Enchantments.  5,000 feet of climbing (approx, as my Garmin died) Wow.  Bucket list, ok?
Tuesday: 40 mile run on the second half of the Plain 100 course. Approx 9,000 feet of climbing. Very long (33 mile) gradual climb.  Shin Tendonitis got very painful.  12 hrs (yea, slooow)
Wednesday: 20 mile easy bike ride coming off a 40 miler the day before. 1,000 feet climbing
Thursday: 9 mile run, most of the Fragrance Lake 20k course.  2,500 feet climbing. 
Friday: 10 miles at Padden.  5 miles of which were tempo.  1,600 climbing.  1:54
Saturday: 15.5 mile tempo, most of Chuckanut 30k course.  4,000 feet of climbing.  3 hrs. Note: bring more than 1 water bottle.  Got very thirsty.  And hungry.
Sunday: 34 mile bike ride, Chuckanut Drive, Lake Samish loop. 2 hr.  2,000 climbing

Run miles: 92.5 miles
Run Elevation gain: 22,100 feet
Bike miles: 54 miles
Bike Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet
James running on the Plain 100 course with me Tuesday.  34 miles for him, 40 for me. 

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