Sunday, August 26, 2012

The worst detour run ever

The name says it all.  If you are going to take a detour during a long-ish car trip, you want it to be pretty spectacular.  Based on an online recommendation that the route was "great" we chose a 14 mile loop near crater lake in the national park.  It took 3.5 miles of running to get to the 14 mile loop as it turned out, making it a 21 mile run.  The only good thing I can say about the run is "sun and fast".  Sandy hell never changing trail (I think that's what it was called, but you'll have to ask James) was in fact, sandy, hellish, and boring.  The terrain only changed from gradual down in the first 9 miles to gradual up in the next 12 miles.  It was a loop of ugly forest with slow-you-down sand.  Despite the sand, we finished the 21 miles pretty quick.  The route only gained 2,500 feet.  To add to the shittyness of it all, just a couple miles down the road from the Boring Trail from Hell was the incredible Crater lake.  Yep, shoulda run on those trails above the lake.  So pretty.  Take note...

James shows how much sand he got out of his NB110s.  They let in sand like crazy. 
This is what I'm taking about!
Sandy Trail From Hell
Trying out my new pack S-Lab 12 that I might use for Plain100.  LOVE the front water bottle holders, but I am still going to try out the S-Lab 5 and see if I can get all my gear in it.  Smaller=better, if possible
James you are lucky you are so cute or I'd kill you for picking this route!
Tree art, the Frog

This picture overlooking Crater lake
There was smoke in the air everywhere.  Made for an interesting sunset.

And lastly, little Stella back at home, the kids have been playing with legos everyday.

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