Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Training Journal 7/30-8/5

Running at Baker for the first time this year
Monday, July 30- Sunday, August 5: Goal was to ramp up the training again for my next race, Plain 100.  Just 5 weeks until the race!  I got a lot of elevation gain this week, and pretty good mileage.  Kept myself from doing a double on Sunday so that I could do a 53 mile training run on Tuesday.   A good reminder that rest days are key.

Monday: 10 mile trail run, 2:14 with 3,300 feet of climbing.  15 mile bike ride with 1,000 feet of climbing.
Tuesday: 25 mile run with 6,200 feet of climbing, 5 hr 15min. 
Wednesday: 8.7 miler un at Baker, Excellsior Pass.  4,250 feet of climbing.  5.5 mile evening run (night running training) Frag. Lk. Course, 2,000 feet of climbing.
Thursday: 38 mile bike ride (Chuckanut Drive, Alger, lake Whatcom Loop).  2,500 feet of climbing.
Friday: 16 mile hill repeat run on Pine and Cedar.  4 reps, 3:45.  6,800 feet of climbing. 
Saturday: 9.75 mile run on Stewart Mt. 2,700 feet climbing. 2hr. 10min.
Sunday: 9.25 mile run around P&C, Raptor Ridge, Cedar Lakes area.  3,400 feet of climbing.

Running miles: 84
Running Elevation Gain: 28,650 feet
Biking Miles: 53
Biking Elevation Gain: 3,500 feet


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