Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Training Journal 8/6-8/12

Monday August 6- Sunday August 12: This was a big week, both in mileage and elevation gain.  Purpose was to peak mileage this week and next around 90+, but I got all the way up to 114 miles and 31,300 feet of climbing in only 4 days of running!  A little note on the two days after this week: I ran a 18 mile on Monday the 13th and a 40 miler on Tuesday the 14th with little negative impact.  My shin around my ankle has some tendonitis, other than that I feel really good.
Crossing the Mad River (?) near the end of the 53 mile loop.  Picture courtesy Dan Probst
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 53 mile run with 13,300 feet of climbing in 70-90 degree heat.  First Loop of Plain 100 course with Dan Probst.  Took us 14:30, mostly because I had stomach pain in the last 10 miles and had to walk a bunch.  I continued to have trouble the rest of the week with swallowing and was unable to eat a full meal until Sunday.  Issue resolved itself with no explanation.
Wednesday: Day off
Thursday: 32 mile course marking day on the Angels Staircase 60k course.  9,000 feet of climbing, lots of walking and carrying heavy stuff.
Friday: 13 mile run to set up Water station at Martin then I ran up to Crater lake.  So pretty!
Saturday: 16 mile, 5,000 foot climb up Angels Staircse to take pics for the race. 
Sunday: Day off (Not bad, 3 days off and 4 running with 114 miles!)  Received a massage

Miles of Running: 114 miles
Elevation Gain: 31,300 feet
Biking Miles: None
Biking Gain: None
View of Crater Lake, near Angels Staircase

Me the photographer at the top of Angels Staircase

A little timed picture of me running at the top


  1. I am really enjoying your blog, Candice - gorgeous photos of the state I love and one very inspiring woman.

    (If you have time) do you have any advice for a newb? I really want to get into running/speedhiking longer distances, but my feet are in agony if I try to go farther than 15 miles (I'm overweight, so that might add to the stress on my feet). Do I just need to push through that a couple of times and my body will get used to it?

  2. Hi Ingunn, Thanks for the kind words!

    As for your feet, a number of things could be going on. I would have to know where the pain is and what aggravates it to really recommend to you what to do. My feet often start to hurt 20-30 miles into a trail run, usually it is because of my high mileage that week, old shoes, or minimal shoes. Make sure your shoes are big enough. They should be bigger than your regular daily walk-around-town shoes. They need to accommodate the swelling that happens naturally when running and that happens in the heat.

    Don't push through the pain, or you could be sidelined for months with an injury. Experienced runners know when to push through and when to rest, but for a newbie this is very risky!

    A few good options to resolve this issue would be to:

    1. strengthen your feet by walking barefoot, doing yoga, and wearing minimal footwear for SHORT amounts of time. Build up slowly, listen to the pain and don't push too hard.

    2. Get fitted in a good running shoe store, not a chain shoe store.

    3. Get massage, especially for your lower legs and feet.

    4. Self massage your feet with Arnica, soak your feet in epsom salts, ice.

    5. Cross train when your feet need a break: road cycling, mountain biking, swimming, all great exercises.

    Good luck!


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