Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plain 100m Test Run: First Loop

Danimal and I ran the first loop of Plain yesterday.  Danimal is doing the Tour de Giants in Italy on the same weekend I am running Plain.  His race is 200 miles with 80,000 feet of climbing.  No, I did not add extra 0's by mistake.  We were both in need of a hard, long run and I wanted to scout out the Plain course.  The lessons I learned in a nutshell, for the race:

Hotter than Bellingham
Dustier than Bellingham
Wear higher socks
Your feet will get wet
You will drink from water sources that are less than ideal
Your pack is heavier than your running partner
The course is somehow longer than the map says AND the Plain website says.  By, oh, 10 miles.
The last 15 miles goes on FOREVER, I call it the River Roller Coaster.  Do not doubt this last gem of wisdom.    
Your tan will wash off but your sunburn will not.  Do not doubt this gem of wisdom either.

Some pictures from our adventure: (All the pics of me are by Dan Probst)

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