Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pictures of the Day

And on the subject of humping, I think I'd agree with the sign defacer.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Core Crosstraining

Kettlebell builds core strength.  Try after situps and plank and you'll feel what I am talking about!
One of the biggest impacts of crossfit has been on my core.  My abs, and the deeper abdominal muscles.  Lately I have been focusing my crossfit home workouts (about 4-5 a week) on my core, with a subtler emphasis on arms, quads, hams.  Here is the workout I am really digging right now:

4 X (as fast a possible without losing form):
  • 10-15 Kettlebell Lift Squats, 80% max weight (I don't have heavier than a 35#, so that's what I use, but if I had 45#, that would be better.
  • 10-15 kettle bell swings with 80% max weight, so go heavy as there are fewer repeats, 35# for me
  • 5 reps each arm of one handed kettle bell swings, lighter weight, for me 20#
  • 10 one-legged squats on each side
Then, do 4 X this workout, again as fast as possible:
  • 10 pushups
  • 1 minute plank on elbows
  • 10-15 v-sit ups
  • 30 elbow to knee situps (15 each side)
And then you're done!  Tired, but happily DONE!~

Friday, March 2, 2012

Girl, look at that body

A little video to get you working out!

I am motivated today to get out and run by being on Orcas Island on my own little solo retreat.  Orcas Island is a wonderful place to run.  I like to stay at Doe Bay Resort because it is funky, cool and has hot tubs.  Nothing like getting out on the mountain for a snowy and hilly run then returning to their hot tubs and sauna!
On my way up Powerline trail.  I decided it wa time to tackle the rest of the Orcas Island 50k course, since I DNF'd on race day due to a sprained ankle. 
A lot of snow today!  More and lower elevation than I have seen it before. 

So I was having this nagging pain in the back of my knee (soft tissue related) every time I ran on the road. It's been going on for over a year. Since I mostly run on the trails, it hasn't been a big deal, more of a annoyance. Well, I picked up the new New Balance MT 110's at Fairhaven Runners and Walkers a week ago and guess what? No pain whatsoever running on the road. Amazing what happens when you find the right shoes for your body.