Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's okay, he's friendly! and other doggie tricks

I know all you dog owners say this just for shits and giggles.  I  went on three trail runs yesterday, doing my own "tripple ripple": 3 runs in one day to get in a 30 miler and seeing clients between runs, so I had plenty of time to appreciate your little doggy tricks. 

Trick #1  
As I come around a corner I see a couple with three dogs.  Alright, two people and three dogs definitely sets off the runner be alert alarm.  This is how I imagine it happens: the couple sees me coming and the wife whispers to her husband:

Hey John, watch this, makes me laugh so hard I cry! Fido here is gonna bark like a little mother fucker biting at the bit and I'll say to the runner, "it's okay, he's friendly," Haha.  I get a kick out of it every time.  Wait till you see the look on the runner's face!

Great idea Ellen!  Oh, oh, here she comes....

Trick #2
I was enjoying my run and the way the wind whips around and carries me down the trail when I see a ziplock baggie on the ground.  Most times I see something interesting on the trail or road I'll have one of two thoughts: someone left trash, here I'll pick it up and put it where it belongs or being the curious type I might think, Oh, what's this little treasure I found on the trail?  

Being that just before my run I had consumed my fair share of chocolates a client had given me (I can't be trusted alone with chocolates before I've had lunch mind you) I saw what appeared to be truffles in the ziplock baggie and although I would not have eaten them (I do have standards) my curiosity was piqued and I picked up the baggie thinking, who would bring truffles on a trail? Another runner?  A bicyclist?

Oh shit!!! Literally.  Little shits in a ziplock baggie.  Aren't they usually in a black bag?  Oh, score! for the scheming doggie owners! 

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