Friday, February 11, 2011

Party Girl FAIL!

I thought y'all would appreciate this conversation I had with a friend the other day:

Dude: Dude!  You've been missing all the good par-tays!

Me: Dude, seriously.  I am training for a 100 miler.

Dude: Far out, man.  That's sweet!  I rode a bike once.  I got a serious ache in my butt.  How do you ride that far?!

Me: No, dude, it's trail running.  I started last year and never felt like stopping, so-

Dude: DUDE!  Why would you do that??!!

Me:Oh, man, it's like any good party!  Listen: you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with inadequate clothing and not enough drinks or snacks, looking lost.  It's getting light out and you don't know how you stayed up all night.  The people you started with are long gone and there's a person here or there vomiting and just about everyone is looking hung over.  And somehow you have to find your car so you can get home.  When you do get home you sleep all day long.

Dude: Wow, man!  What a party!

Me: Yeah, and I haven't even gotten into the party that goes on in your head, dude!  The ups, the downs...

Dude: Where do I sign up???


  1. Waiting for my shuttle from the airport and laughing out loud! Embarrassing but good - thanks for the laugh!


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