Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes, I'm losing toenails

Ok, these pictures are not for the faint at heart.  Nor are they for people who don't like feet.  Although you may like feet and see these pictures and not like them.  Very likely.  But, I thought that this blog would not be complete without chronicalling the journey of my feet.  So here it is.  The bad and ugly.  Not so much of the good.  The good would be that my feet feel fine, no pain currently.  Brace yourself!  Ultra runner feet...

I'm losing the big toenail.  It's loose and coming off and that's why it looks so nasty.  It looked really bruised, now it is turning white.  The left toenail is also looking bruised.  On the pictured foot I lost the third toenail from the left, and it's still growing back. 
day 2 after Cle Elum 50K, September 19.  This looks pretty gnarly. 
Day 3 after Cle Elum 50K, September 20, right foot
Day 3 (September 20), left foot
October 25, arch blister: getting there....still healing, over a month later!


  1. OUCH!! I feel bad for the feet, but I love the header. Keep running, your an inspiration. I only do 10 ks right now, but I'm working up to a half marathon. If you do the ranier to rushton rail ultra next year let me know I'll probably do the relay again.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! It would be great to see you, I'll let you know about Rainer. Never heard of the race, I'll check it out. Blessings to you and your family.


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