Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Chuckanut 50K

South Whidbey (Down Sound Racers- DSR) represents at Chuckanut Mountain 50K in Bellingham March 20th.  Kick-ass times and lots of PR's. 
(I'm 3rd from the left, upper row)

All Photos courtesy Susan Janow, thanks Susan!

I can walk today!  Here I am writing to you a day after finishing the Chuckanut Mountain 50K.  Very, very cool.  After the Orcas Island 50K a moth ago (Feb. 6th) I was wiped out.  I barely was able to walk for a day, maybe two.  Oh, it was painful.  Being that it was my first 50K and it was one of the toughest around, I understand why.  Orcas has 7,000 feet elevation gain (and decline!) over its 31 to 35 miles.  We climbed four major "peaks" to make our way to the finish.  We earned it, but not without some bodily pay-back.  Ouch.  

Chuckanut's elevation gain is 3,500 feet, half of Orcas'.  That combined with my experience, allowed me to have an easy recovery post race and day after race.  In fact, I went for a swim today.  Lap swim in the pool.  I really felt it in my chest/lungs, and an overall tired body feeling.