Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Orcas Island 50K in Story and Pictures

"This must be the last hill," I thought as I scrambled up the hillside using both my hands and feet.  Every time I thought that "last" hill thought, I was invariably not on the last hill, but more like half way up the hills.  A comforting thought nonetheless.  The Orcas Island 50K consisted of 4 major "climbs," four descents, and a fair amount of flat running around Mountain Lake and Cascade Lake.

The race begins with a climb up Pickett Mountain and a quick run down.  At around mile 11 you come to the first aid station at Camp Moran (also the start of the race).  I was feeling good at Mile 11, filled up my Nathan Hydration Pack and off I went, thinking, Okay, I am 1/3 of the way done!
 Smiling as I come into the first Aid Station at mile 11 (above), wearing my hydration pack
Marina and family greet me at Mile 11.  Filled up my pack with Nuun electrolyte water, which I used the entire race.  I went through 4 packs (2 liters per pack) of water throughout the 31+ miles.  I also brought my lightweight jacket, which I never needed, oops.