Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Date for 800 mile Arizona Trail Record Attempt

This update has been a little late coming. I had planned to begin my attempt on April 15, however an calf injury that began on March 13 was still quite painful. I received an MRI that diagnosed a tear in my calf right before the attempt in April and decided to push the start to early May if the tear healed properly. Early May came and went and the pain was still bad. I could feel it even just walking. With much frustration I knew I would have to delay the attempt until after the summer. May is the month that the temps in Arizona begin to make a record attempt a bad idea with many days over 100F. 
The 800 Mile Arizona Trail

I was finally able to resume my training in mid-May. As I slowly rebuild after over 2 months of being injured and unable to run I rescheduled the AZT record attempt for November. Although Sept/Oct is a great time of year to do the AZT, I organize three 200 + mile races during that time and just don't have the time or energy to fit in a 2 week record attempt. I settled on beginning the FKT on November 4. I may change the days slightly as we get closer, but early November is the new start time! Mark your calendars.

I'd like to thank my sponsors who have been very understanding and supportive during this time: AltraUltimate DirectionSpring EnergyLEKI, Kogalla and rabbit.

I am still raising money for girls on the Run! We have raised 13% of our goal $15,000! 
My Fundraising Page for Girls on the Run

Here's info on the FKT from my Girls on the Run Fundraiser:
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November 4, 2019 Candice Burt will begin her run to set a new Fastest Known Time Record on the 800 mile long Arizona Trail, a trail that spans the entire length of Arizona. Candice is hoping to beat the overall record set by Jeff Garmire of 15 days 13 hours and 10 minutes. She will be running from North to South supported style and aims for 12 days. Candice is a professional ultrarunner for Altra Running, rabbit, LEKI, Ultimate Direction, Kogalla and Spring Energy. Candice has won the Zion 100 mile, Ultrafiord 100 mile in Patagonia Chile, the Delirious WEST 200 mile/350km in Australia and holds the unsupported Fastest Known Time for the 95-mile Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier in Washington State. She earned the 3rd best FKT of the Year Award (FKTOY) from in 2018. Candice's Arizona Trail FKT run will raise money and awareness for Girls on the Run, an organization that supports and helps girls get into running. Donations support girls who need financial help to be a part of the program, snacks for kids during practice, lesson guides for families and supports the team for an entire season. Thank you for supporting GOTR Arizona. All donations go directly to Girls on the Run!

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