Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 HURT 100 Race Recap

HURT 100 Endurance Run 
Photo by Pascal Kalani
The HURT 100 in Hawaii is a 100 mile race considered to be one of the toughest and certainly one of the most technical in the USA with heat, intense humidity, endless roots, scaling slippery rocks, steep climbs and descents that sometimes require use of ropes. It is as mentally tough as it is physically strenuous and is set up as five 20 mile "loops", the loops having several out and backs to the aid stations. In the two months leading up to HURT I did a daily routine of body weight strength exercises and yoga but was unable to get my milage over 30-40 miles a week, unusually low for me. Because of this, I decided my race strategy would be to start conservatively and pick off runners throughout the day and the long 14 hr night in the jungle.

I was experienced enough at this race (it was my fourth time running it) to know that most runners would go out hard for the first couple of 20 mile loops and then slow down drastically. By the end of the first loop I was somewhere in 6th place for the women. On the second loop, between mile 20-28, the magic of having patience and pacing myself catapulted me into 2nd place as I passed four women by running almost the same pace as I had for the first loop. I used my experience breathing through strenuous yoga poses to stay confident, keep my heart rate low and maintain a calm and strong energy. I held onto 2nd place for the rest of the race drawing my lead to over an hour ahead of 3rd place to finish this year's HURT 100. Even more satisfying than a finish was receiving a Hawaiian Ultra Running Team Shirt at the award ceremony, an honor bestowed upon only a few out of state runners each year and reminding me that the supportive and inclusive community is why I run ultra marathons.

I'd like to thank Ultimate Direction and Altra Running from their support. I used the Ultimate Direction groove series new waist packs with the body bottles and the Altra Superior 2.0 and Altra Lone Peak 2.5 for the race.
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  1. Congrats, Candice! Best of luck in 2016!

  2. Good show. Congrats on a very fine effort.

  3. Candice - Great job - Your focus is incredible

  4. Can I ask what your body weight strength exercises and yoga routine were like? What kind of things did you do and how long each day? I know that might be a bit much to ask. I generally find it hard to get much over 30-40 miles but wonder how much else you have to do to be fit and strong enough for 100 miles. Congratulations on the run!

  5. Great results Candice. Listen to you on trail runner nation podcast speak about HURT. Inspiring!


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