Sunday, October 25, 2015

Training Journal 10/19-10/25

Running the Klickitat Trail on Tuesday

Monday, October 19 - Sunday, October 25, 2015: This week I headed out to the Cascades to do some scouting on the Bigfoot 200 course and to climb Mt. Adams. In the process I got a lot of night running in, something I want to continue to do in preparation for HURT100. The trip included lots of driving, unfortunately. This week cumulated a whole 40 days of no drinking! I've had no alcohol for more than a month now and I've been feeling great as well as getting closer to race weight. Next week I'm looking forward to sticking around Bham and getting in massive amounts of yoga and getting more sleep. I've been staying up too late in general and Sunday I felt very tired most the day. Sleep is so key when I'm gearing up my training!  
Climbing Mt. Adams with River on Wednesday 

Monday: 1hr yoga in West Seattle. Long drive down to Mt. Adams.

Tuesday: 18 mi with 4300 gain & 4300 loss on Klickitat 7 Trail. With a heavy pack. Tough route. Ran several hours in dark. 

Wednesday: 15 miles, 5000 ft ascent/5000 descent. Climb up Mt Adams. Ran several hours in dark. Carried heavy pack for training. 

Thursday: 1hr 15 min yoga. 7 mile run. 800 ft ascent in Bellingham. CU*

Friday: 1hr 15 min yoga. 1 hr bike ride, indoors. CU

Saturday: 1hr 15 min yoga AM. 3 mile run in AM N. Chuckanut. 7mile run in PM (in the dark) around Sehome Hill. 1100 ft ascent. 1 hr indoor bike. CU 

Sunday: 15 miles in the Chuckanut Mtns with ~3000ft of climbing/3000 of descent. Legs felt very tired. 2 hr bike indoors in PM. CU

Running 65 miles with 14,200 ft ascent
Yoga 4hrs 45min 
Indoor biking: 4hrs

*CU: Core & Upper body workout focusing on push-ups, yoga sit-ups, and other core work. Usually 15min-30min
Camping out Monday and Tuesday. 
Carrying a large pack Tuesday and Wednesday for training. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Training Journal 10/12-10/18

Monday Oct 12- Sunday Oct 18This week began right after a massive effort to organize the Bigfoot 120mi/100k race at Mt St Helens. I am still feeling a bit exhausted from it. I only got a couple hours of sleep all weekend of Oct 10-11. I also marked the entire Bigfoot 120 course with Garrett Froelich's help the week previous, so I didn't do much running this week, instead I focused on biking and finally FINALLY got back to daily yoga classes! Getting stoked about riding the Tour Divide! Reminds me of how I felt when I first got into ultras. There's an excitement that hasn't been there for a few years for me.

**CU= core/push-up, pull-up, sit-up, sometimes kettle bell session usually around 20-30 min, I do it almost daily. Usually 100 -200 push-ups, 200 bicycle sit-ups, 150 "other core", plank & side plank, 10 pull ups. 

Monday : course sweeping for the race (ie: slow, carrying lots of weight), 21 miles, 6500 ft descent, 5600 ft climbing, 6hrs. Got to run a large portion in dark. Good training!

Tuesday: climb at Mt St Helens 10 miles, 5000 climbing, 5000 descent. Good difficult effort. Legs pretty wiped out from yesterday. Drove home second half of day. Long drive. 

Wednesday: 1hr bike, indoors. CU

Thursday day off. Still did lots of core, push-ups, kettle bell. CU. Just still so tired from organizing the race! 

Friday 45 min bike on road, hard effort. 1hr 15 yoga. 1hr 15 indoors on bike.

Saturday: 2 hr indoor bike session, moderate effort, 1hr 15 power yoga (felt hard). Sore from yoga on Friday. Full CU. 

Sunday: 1hr 30 min bike indoors easy, 1 hr 15 power yoga. CU 

Running: 31 miles, 11,500ft descent/ 10,600 ft ascent
Biking: 6.5 hrs (road bike, mostly indoors) 
Yoga: 3hr 45min power yoga