Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life on the Road

I'm back on the road again. It's my 4th trip in 5 months. Last year I calculated that I was out of town 5 months of the year. That's either for directing races, scouting courses, or racing 100s. It makes for a busy and unpredictable life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. When I travel I feel alive and free in a way I don't feel any other time except running.
Road trip essentials
I'm en route from Washington to Arizona currently, at this exact moment I am near Bryce canyon National Park, headed to the Grand Canyon. I began the trip with some work scouting aid locations for the Bigfoot 200 & meeting with Forest Service, celebrating Mother's Day with my mom and kids in Eastern Washington then leaving for Arizona. The Arizona portion of the trip consists of crewing and pacing a coaching client/friend at his first 100 miler this weekend and then scouting out the Arizona 200 course.

I was unable to get much scouting done last time I was in AZ, so I'm excited to see the trails on this trip. Afterward, I head home to direct the Deception Pass Marathon & Half in early June... then run the Bighorn 100 in mid-June...then work party for the Bigfoot 200 at Mt. Adams in late June... then to Colorado for the Colorado 200 (racing, woohoo!) in July... then to Mt. St. Helens to direct the first annual Bigfoot 200 ... then to Tahoe in late August/Sept to direct the Tahoe 200... and on and on and on.

Luckily this year I have hired a few extra people and I am excited to be handing off more of the business work for my own sanity and because Destination Trail LLC is GROWING! Yay!!

Here are some pics from my trip so far.
River gets the welcome she deserves at a hotel in Hood River. We stayed the night to get some work done (we, meaning "me". River managed to chew up the stuffed porcupine the hotel gave her and convince me every 30 mins that she needed to pee (nope just trying to get pet by one of the many late night brewery goers...). She's a bit social you might say.
View of mt. St. Helen's from near one of the Bigfoot 200 aid stations
River trying to sleep in the car. She's my RD sidekick, but mostly she keeps me entertained (see pic above) and takes me on walks.
Finally got my license plate on my "new" not so new car. 
Marina and Stella on a sage picking expedition on Mother's Day
I may be road tripping, but I always bring lots of fresh food. I've learned not to bring any "unhealthy" foods or I will eat them, so I stock the car with apples, almonds, salad mix, canned fish/chicken, kombucha, fresh squeezed juice (if I can get to a whole foods), plantain chips, balsamic vinegar, instant miso, and lots of coffee. lots. tons. 
getting excited about a run! I always find secluded back roads to camp on, this was one I visited on my last trip to AZ (it's in OR) and wanted to explore. Lookout Mountain
The vehicle setup, for car camping and outdoor fun
This is my record, 41 miles with the gas light on. Pretty worried I was going to have to run to the next gas station. Made it, amazingly.
Running in Idaho from another awesome spot I camped at. I've become quite the expert at finding semi-legal (secluded) camping spots.
Running in Idaho. I try to run everyday. I begin the morning with coffee and core exercises then run, then drive...
Like to see these signs... unless I need to drive through there :) 
More road tripping essentials
More road tripping food: tuna, spicy nut mix, avocado and truffle infused balsamic vinegar
When I need to shower (or want to) I use my 7gal water dispenser. It only takes 1-2 gals to wash the hair and essentials.
Another travel essential: WAZE, it can tell you when cops are present. I like that very much. 
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shaking the Sand Off the Blanket for the Bigfoot 200

My job this week: 4x4 rally car driver "The High Priestess" aka "Lost Trail Runner" strikes again in the Gifford Pinchot

This week I have the pleasure of doing some on-site Bigfoot work. As the event nears, we are nailing down exact locations for the aid stations. This is a first-year thing for sure. In its inaugural year, every race has to shake the sand off the blanket. This year we had to reroute a portion, adding some seriously amazing ridge views and trails, but also relocating aid. This trip consists of visiting each site, and determining the best location for aid. I'm looking for plenty of parking, large opening (in the forests), and as easy of access by vehicle as possible, a bit of a challenge in this remote section of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.

Each stretch of road on the way to each aid location was recorded for drivability (4WD, 2WD, mud, rocks, holes) and distance (from key intersections or land markings. After all, we want to make sure that crew and aid workers can get to each location following these instructions. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Forest Service to confirm these locations. Then back home by Friday and leave for California and Arizona on Monday ~~ whirlwind ~~

My, foot, River's print (center) and a BIG print (right)!!

Managing to collect enough soil for a garden in the driver's side
Travel Pals
One of the future aid station locations, Chain of Lakes Campground

Just when I got out of the car for my constant state tempo repeats it began snowing! Was fun, but being 2 hours away from real roads, worrying that I would get stuck in the snow.
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