Friday, January 9, 2015

My Favorite Trail Runs in Kailua & North Shore Oahu

I've been staying in Kailua (Winward side) & North ShoreFor more great runs check out this blog post I wrote.

Pill Box Trail
The Pill Box hills rise above Kailua Town, also known as Lanikai Ridge. Incredible blue, blue views of the ocean!

Views from the Hills

Steep Trail!

Kealia Trail, North Shore
The Kealia Trail is on the North Shore just past world famous surfing town Haleiwa and the towns of Waialua & Mokuleia. I always find passion fruit on this run! Which is great because the last time I ran out here I ended up doing a loop that was 15 miles with just 16 oz of water. Not a problem until you factor in the amount of sweating that you do with these temps and humidity. The route gained over 4,500 feet of climbing. This is one of the few trails on the island that you can really get some good mileage in on.
Passion fruit 

Lookout above the ocean, great for some asanas!

Many parts of the first climb are very steep and very slippery
 Olomana 3 Peaks
You probably won't want to do more than 1 peak, especially if you have a fear of heights or know anything about ropes. However, the second two peaks are very rewarding, but there are a few very sketchy sections if you rely on the ropes. I try not to. This is definitely the craziest run on Oahu. I love it!

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