Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Fitness Trends, Say What?!

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) released its 2015 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, body weight exercise got #1, yoga #7, outdoor activities.... #12?!!! C'mon people get outside and do your body weight training there like I am today in beautiful Hale'iwa, Oahu! 

Seriously though I'm surprised outdoor activities doesn't rank higher. I imagine this is due to the number of people living in cities. It can be difficult and time consuming to get out in nature, to the mountains to bike, run, hike, the local crag to climb or the ocean or river to kayak when you're in a city. Nonetheless, it's surprising. I think of running as an outdoor activity and you can run anywhere, even indoors! 
Hale'iwa Beach Park, Oahu

On the topic of body weight exercise, here's my simple body weight program, I do it every single day, it's like the 200/100 program I posted, with some alterations & additions, it will give you a rocking core if you do it everyday! 

1. 50 push-ups, broken into sets of 5 because I suck at them and I want to do full push-ups. I rest or stretch briefly between sets so that each set of 5 is done with good form

2. Plank: 2 minutes face down plank. It's tough and if I need a break I go into downward dog pose briefly. No matter how long those 2 minutes take, do it. 

3. Side plank: 1 minute on each side, also difficult is you don't normally do it, but keep in mind it gets easier very quickly!

4. 200 core sit-ups, 100 of which are alternating bicycles where you bring your right elbow to your left knee while extending the right leg while lying on your back. Alternate. 50 are legs straight up in the air hip lifts (lift hips /sacrum toward sky with legs pointing straight up in air), and 50 various bicycle legs (just legs lifted with upper body on floor). 

5. 15 single leg squats (each side), minimum. If my legs feel good I do 25. Usually in sets of 5 or 10. 

Happy New Year Dear Readers!

Want to make a new year's resolution that sticks? Make it to dedicate yourself to an exercise program EVERY SINGLE DAY. Think of it as maintenance, you must brush your teeth, shower, etc. Think of this program as that. Consistency is truly the key to success in getting better at anything you want to excel at. 

Hale'iwa Beach Park, Oahu
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  1. Well, "Outdoor Activities" don't sound as appealing here at -11F in Minnesota as it would in Hawaii!

  2. Since starting the best PCT almost a year ago I am sick less, stronger, and much healthier and feel better overall. There is a noticeable difference when I am not taking this.

    1. My spouse and i think about this specific is caused by the quantity of men and women moving into urban centers. It is usually tough along with cumbersome to acquire out and about throughout mother nature, on the foothills for you to motorcycle, manage, stroll, a nearby crag for you to go up as well as your water as well as pond for you to kayak when you find yourself in a very area.


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