Monday, July 7, 2014

Running the Timberline Trail at Mount Hood

One of my favorite mountain circumnavigations is the Timberline Trail at Mount Hood in Oregon. I revisited this trail yesterday for a run stop on my way to Lake Tahoe. I'm fastpacking the Tahoe 200 course this week. A couple years ago I did the 40.4 mile route and wrote about it here. I highly recommend it to ultrarunners for a 1 day long run or to backpackers who want to spend a little more time on the trail. The route gains 8,290 feet. Here is a little information about the route from Portland

Here's my short video on the trail (and some pictures): 


  1. Thanks for the view of area I have not been to. Very enjoyable! :) I want to here all about your fast packing Tahoe... Ken Dam

  2. Looks like a great way to spend the day ;)

  3. Very timely post! I'm trying to arrange my own Timberline Trail adventure. It's looking like 8/23, if it happens at all.

    Your photos have me psyched! I was planning on trying to contact some Oregon acquaintances for trail beta (I've studied the info on the FKT site), but maybe you could comment. It sounds like the trail is very easy to follow, and I'm planning on obtaining the Green Trails maps. Are there any nav issues? There's mention of the White River crossing and the "Eliot Washout". Are those the most challenging points on the loop? Would you recommend CW or CCW?

    I'll check back, occasionally. Sounds like you're going to be busy over in Tahoe! Good luck!

    Martin Miller
    Helena, Montana

  4. White river is east crossing. Eliot glacier is more of a scramble, but with a map you should be able to tell where (about) the trail is. It's just washed out. Good luck!

  5. Oops meant "white river is an EASY crossing"

  6. I am planning on doing this trail again on 07/19. Candice, you did all of the trail on 07/07? There was a fire between the washed out Eliot Glacier part of the trail west to Elk Cove. They just logged it I have read. I assume that the trail is easy to find through the burn area? How much snow did you encounter at the high points of the trail Gnarl Ridge on the east? and Paradise Park Loop on the West? Maybe you stayed out of Paradise Park Loop and/or Eden park loop on the trail.

  7. Candice, disregard my questions. I did the trail yesterday and there were no problems. I go counter clockwise. There are still lots of patches of snow, but the trail is easy to find. I slid down the scree to the Elliott, crossed the ice bridge over the river, headed down river & then up the rope.


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