Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All I Need isn't Love, it's on my Back

Whew! I just loaded everything I need and then some into a 30L pack: food for 4 days & 200 miles (I hope) because I haven't been at all scientific about planning for this. I totally eyeballed it. Packaged salmon and tuna, tortillas, fruit, nuts and fruit/nut bars. My process went a bit like this: "Let's see I think I need this much of this and a little of that, ok, my pack is full." I did include a little notebook for writing poetry and notes. No trip is complete without a little translating emotion and experience into something I can share and grow from. 

For those of you who haven't been following social media, I'm fastpacking my Tahoe 200 mile course at Lake Tahoe starting bright and early tomorrow.   Hoping to do 50 miles a day, for a total of 4 days. I will run and hike. I'll be GPS mapping the course with my new Garmin 64st. Right now I'm writing this post from a parking lot in Tahoe City on my iPhone. So it's gonna be short 'n sweet. 

Wish me luck! 

I ended up taking less food than pictured and decided against a sleeping pad. I have a tiny tent and a very lightweight sleeping bag. I have a 100 ounce bladder and two Ultimate Direction 20 oz water bottles (bottles won't be filled for certain sections). 


  1. Good luck gathering course data! I think it's important to have options due to possible unforeseen circumstances while traveling in two states and five counties...almost need a passport! :) DamKen

  2. Have a good run/hike Candice. Be safe. Enjoy the trails and the peace and quiet.

  3. Trader Joes supplies will get you through

  4. The Takelma Tribe had settlements not too far North of Lake Tahoe.
    They have a beautiful chant/mantra that you may enjoy at times on your journey:
    "Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, and Fire my spirit."
    Repeat as desired.
    May the world unfold before you with every passing step.
    Travel light so that your heart may be filled.

  5. Looking forward to hearing about the course and following in your footsteps in a few weeks @ the Tahoe 200!

  6. Good luck! May your every step be a happy one!

  7. Epic write up, Gr8 photos , & the videos of Deschutes was awesome!!! Enjoy watching the sun touch the mountain tops every evening.

  8. Looks like it's gonna be a great course! Out of all the things I want to ask about your awesome journey, I choose this (otherwise this would be an annoyingly long comment): where did you get that running bra? It's super cute!

  9. Would you mind sharing your tent and bag details? I'd love to hear what you use for these trips.


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