Sunday, June 29, 2014

Finding New Home on the Mountain

Look mom, a sunflower!
Dirt mapped the child's face
Making trails to her smile 
A balsam root flower
Growing from her fist

Dark clouds claimed the valley below
The girl's mom, frowning the child's 
Flower to the ground, "a storm is coming" 
A sharp cold breeze turning them around.

I'm breathing my legs up the mountain, 
Running like the growing wind 
Is blowing through me, 
Headed to the mountaintop
When I pass a small girl and her mom, 
Headed to the safety of the valley. 

They look through me: 
I'm the breeze afterall, 
Blowing up the trail, invisible and strong.
The storm reaches the peak 
We crash, a wave cresting 
Sweeping me down Patterson mountain 

The storm paints its portrait on the trail
Each raindrop meeting a growing river:
Transformed into a larger picture of itself
My legs like the rain meet the ground,
Faster and faster and suddenly

I'm the balsam flower, discarded, propelled by the strong wind
Swept free by the river
Caught in the storm
Finding new home on the mountain


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Desert Cottontail Tries to Die

I watched the sky die slowly
Driving on a road with no speed limit
And for me, no destination
Leaving it to the dark road to navigate
My car at 90 mph.

The desert's stars and my headlights
Lighting up the path, 
Lighting up a Cottontail 
Making his wild dash for my wheels.

The Cottontail tried his best
To get hit by my car
As I helplessly watched him
Blinded by indecision
Running first out, then back
Then out again.

Sia's voice singing "Numb"
On the car's shuffle play, 
I was just off the phone:
I'd broken up a relationship 
That had only just began,
Hoping it's quick death 
Meant less pain.

The Cottontail was like a wave
In an ocean's storm tossed back and forth
Of his own accord
Just as suddenly as he appeared,
He found a calm shore:
A sagebrush.

In the middle of the desert 
A movie theater beckoned, 
I'm near Vegas afterall, but still
It's presence, a wave of deja vu
That swept me inside.

Inside the dark theater, I'm the only viewer
I want to keep watching the movie
 Yet, I'm sure I've seen it before.
I have more driving to do tonight
I quickly leave.

Back on the road, 
Sagebrush streaming past
An ocean of grey
Remembering the Cottontail's dance
I can't help but wonder
How it survived

How to Close Your Heart

The desk was covered in papers
As though snow was falling 
Piling up to the windows.
The computer screen glowed: 
A cabin with a fire warming it.

Looking into the office,
I could see him staring 
At the screen's glow.
I imagined him wishing 
He could go inside
And warm up.

I was in a carnival of mirrors,
Looking in that office
My experience being reflected:
A drawing that should be in 3D
Lifelessly one dimensional.

Still, he sat and stared at the screen
Papers, boxes, to do lists
Snow, piling up all around
The computer glowing 
Like a winter mirage.

The whiteout making it impossible
To see where the fire burned
While I died a slow, cold death
Beneath the cabin's window
Unable to get in.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trail Runners & Their Tattoos

After getting two trail running inspired tattoos this year, I wondered, how many trail runners have tattoos? I have noticed a lot of tattoos in the yoga studio, are they also on the trail? Turns out, yes they sure are! To read more about Trail Runners & Tattoos, an article I wrote for Trail Runner Magazine, and to see a gallery of photos visit these links:

Trail Runners and Their Tattoos
Gallery of Photos

James Piper

Catra Corbett
Jeff Barbier
Maria Dalzot

Katie DeSplinter

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