Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ultra Runner Podcast Interview

Just recorded a fun podcast with Ultra Runner Podcast (URP) this morning while sipping a Kona Castaway IPA on Lanikai Beach in Hawaii fresh off my 2nd place HURT 100 finish. Learn about:
  • HURT 100 mile Endurance Run Recap and why it HURTs so bad (or good?)
  • What my favorite swear word is
  • How many times I cursed on the trail this weekend (not for the faint at heart)
  • My favorite sports bra and why bikinis should be on the list
  • How yoga changed my life
  • What my mantra is (Say: Poke & plantain chips 10 times...)
  • Pearl Izumi shoes and why I love them so
  • The new Ultimate Direction pack (the women's Ultra Vesta)
  • Race directing & the Tahoe 200 mile Endurance Run
  • Oh yeah---BEER!  
  • Learn why Budweiser sucks and should not be called beer or be at a race finish
  • Find out why Scotty & Eric of URP will be the new employees for the Tahoe 200 mile Endurance Run
  • My challenge to listeners of the podcast

Stay tuned for a race report!!

Photo by Rob Lahoe

Photo by Rob Lahoe

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