Thursday, January 16, 2014

Olomana Narrated by the Selfie

Very excited to be at the top/turn around!
I want to share my favorite hike on Oahu with you: it's called Olomana 3 Peaks. It's a little crazy and a little dangerous, just like me :-) It is only about 2.5 miles to the 3rd peak, but it takes a while with 2,500 feet of climbing, most of which is bouldering and by use of hanging ropes (which I try to avoid). If it's your first time, figure it will take 4 hours. If you've done it before like me, it will only take 2 hours leisurely hike/running/climbing. There is a fair amount of climbing, easy rock climbing and rappelling, after peak #1 but it's not for the faint of heart of people afraid of heights.  You often feel like you're on a wide rock tight rope.  Here are my pictures from my solo jaunt. I have some Olomana Ugly Selfies© documenting each peak. Enjoy vicariously!
PEAK #1, piece of freaking cake selfie©
PEAK #2: Feeling a little Woozy Selfie©
PEAK #3: Feeling a little badass selfie©
See the trail heading back up peak #2? FUN FUN FUN!!!
The tree canopy reminds me of a Dr. Suess book. It is so beautiful and magical! And cartoonish!

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