Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tahoe Running & a BIG Surprise

Loon Lake Trail Run
A Running Vacation in Tahoe
I've never been to Lake Tahoe in the fall, and what a treat!  I usually spend some time at the lake in the summer running trails, racing, or helping put on a tour there.  This year I was there during the hottest days of the summer for my failed FKT around the TRT.  This past week it was really lovely to run in the sun with that crisp feeling of autumn and beautiful fall colors all over the mountains.  It was warm enough to run without a shirt and in shorts. All the pics are from the runs I did this week near Tahoe.

2014 Races
On another note, I am working on a really big project that I hope to make into a pretty amazing race. I'll give you a hint: there's nothing like it. It is going to be super unique and pretty crazy and the beginning of a new chapter in ultra races in the US!  This is why I have been too busy to blog much lately.  I have a whole new website to add content to and it's a lot of work.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I'm hoping to hear from some permitting folks soon and then I can announce this MONSTER project, just in time for Halloween.

 10/23 Loon Lake Trail 9 miles total

10/24: Ward Creek to Stanford Rock/TRT intersection 10.5 miles total


  1. Looking forward to hearing the big race news!

  2. Amazing pics Candice... thanks for sharing...... I hope your project goes off without and hiccups! happy Halloween... :)


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