Sunday, October 27, 2013

November Challenge: 15 minutes of Strength for Runners

We all know we need to do it. So let's do it together: a quick daily strength based workout for everyone. I completed the 200/100 Challenge for October everyday because I knew you were all counting on me! There is no reason not to complete this workout EVERYDAY.  Strength comes in consistency. Without consistency, we have nothing.  

The plan is to come up with a roughly 15 minute workout each month that will play to your weaknesses making you stronger overall.  The workouts will focus on core specifically with upper body and leg work that will make you stronger as a runner.  If this workout is too hard, and it just might be, cut the reps in half. It only works if it is something you will do everyday, and if it's too hard, you won't do it.

To join the group on Facebook, go to our event page.  Without further ado, here is November's Challenge: 125/200/125+ 2 min plank

2 minutes of Plank, downward facing. This will be very hard for some of you. I suggest taking it in segments if it is. If I am unable to hold it for 2 minutes I take very brief breaks in downward dog.
Extra Credit: 30 seconds side plank, on each side, for a total of 1 minute. 30 seconds of upward facing plank.   
125 Alternate Arm/legs:
Do 5 rounds of this:
10 pushups (50 pushups total)
10 triceps pushups (50 triceps pushups total)
5 one legged squats, or 10 regular squats (25 one legged squats per leg total)
Variation/advanced: add in Kettlebell swings.

200 Core: (in addition to the plank)
100 Bicycle crunches
100 other core work: example bicycle legs, vertical leg crunches, hip lift, etc.

125 Full Body: (repeat 5 times)
10 mountain climbers
5 burpees
Hold squat for 10 seconds, sit into it deeply with good form, see picture.
Squat good form

Alternate squat/butt workout

Bicycle Crunch

Plank, face down, with variation leg lift

Side plank
Triceps pushup

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