Monday, May 27, 2013

The Style of The Elite Ultra Runner Girl

After a rather brief encounter with fame because of this and this, I realized I needed to do something to boost my visibility.  I was called an elite runner a number of times at the end of last year and into 2013, but honestly it feels like there's been a lull. After reading this inspiring blog post I realized all I needed to do was to adopt my own elite ultra style. The guys are all doing it... I'm sure we women can do it to!

I thought a bit and decided that I would go with what I already have: a short, sporty hairstyle and some sporty running clothes, taking on the sporty gal look.  Then I realized that my look was already taken!  Ellie Greenwood was copying ME!  Nothing I could do but come up with a new idea.
Ellie Greenwood, Gallo Images
Me, currently...
What I really need to get people talking is a new look, maybe something even sportier and more colorful. I'll grow out my hair and go blonde... blondes have more fun right?!  Before I could even act on my new, bright idea, I realized it was taken. This gal not only had that colorful, sporty look with fun blonde hair, she had a sweet accent. Damn. On to the next one...
Anna Frost, Droz Photo
If I couldn't have the blonde, colorful clothing look, maybe I could have the brunette, bright and bold colors look!  After a little research I realized a youthful Swede had already stolen my idea. And she had a cool accent too! And flowers in her hair all the while.  Double damn!
Emelie Forsberg, Droz Photo
If the colorful looks were already taken by some accent wielding chicks, then I'd better get a new idea.  Maybe clothing isn't the right answer. What I really need is less clothing!  Sports bra and shorts.  Maybe bikini and shorts.  Now that would be memorable. I tried this look out and was having fun with it...
me, in Hawaii
 Until I realized that Jenn Shelton had been sporting the bikini style for quite a while!

In fact, she had outdone me, see:
It was clear that there would be no beating this bikini wielding elite ultra girl.  Instead, I'd have to come up with an even better idea. Maybe instead of taking off clothes, I need to add them on. I mean, it's not a trail race without a puffy jacket, right?!  With that, I donned my very own puffy jacket and smiling to myself, thought now I have an original idea. Not long after, I was at a local 50k, I think Chucaknut 50k?  Lo and behold, Krissy Moehl had come up with the same idea!  What is a girl to do?!!
Krissy Moehl
Forget clothes and lack of clothes, maybe I just need a steely game face and iron will to COMPETE.  What I really need is an unquenchable desire to complete the most badass races and FKTs in the world. Or at least in my state. I'll do Mt. Rainier's Wonderland Trail. 93 miles of mountainous, cougar infested trail running. Solo and unsupported. Yeah, that will be unquenchably bad ass. 


After I had completed the route, I realized I'd been topped by none other that some English chick Lizzy Hawker.   She not only had the steely gaze of the elite ultra runner, she set the record time for running 199 miles between 5,361-meter Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu, Nepal, in a record of three days, two hours, and 36 minutes

Lizzy Hawker
 With little else to do but be inspired by my own experiences, I decided to just go with the wild cat look. After all, they let me survive the long, dark night on Rainier.  Until I find that I've been topped by a more sporty chick, I'll go with this look:

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  1. Perhaps go for a dynamic signature move while running? ;) Your style is just fine!

  2. You run with an impressive posse. Nicely done.

  3. Just be yourself! I already thought that you had a personal style that stood out.

  4. You're so funny! Your best look is already taken by YOU!! But I know, you already know that. Keep up the kick-ass work.

    -Misty Strong

  5. Hilarious! You're all incredibly stylish.

  6. MULLET! Keep rocking those miles, lady ;)


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