Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Training Journal 3/25-3/31

Monday, March 25- Sunday, March 31, 2013: This week proved to be difficult to get in very many miles as I traveled to the Gorge in Oregon to help with Rainshadow Running's Gorge Waterfalls 50k.  Much of the week was taken up with traveling and race prep, including a very busy day on Friday and Saturday.  Tuesday, James Varner and I ran the Gorge Waterfalls course and Sunday I had a this-is-why-I-run run up to Angel's Rest and Devil's Rest and bombed back down the trail. I had that flying with perfect coordination feeling running down the trail that has been missing since I sprained my ankle at HURT 100. I think my ankle finally feels strong enough to really attack the downhills. 
One of MANY incredible waterfalls on the GW50k course
Monday: 5 miles easy, 600 ft/climb. A leg-stretching kind of run during the long drive to the Gorge.
Tuesday: 27 miles on Gorge Waterfalls course, 5,000 ft/climb.
Wednesday: 8 miles course marking for Gorge Waterfalls 50k, 1785 ft/climb
Thursday: 10 miles loop up to Angel's rest and Devil's Rest, 3,200 ft/climb.
Friday: 8 miles on road. Too busy to do much with race prep. 200 ft/climb
Saturday: 6 miles between fixing course markings and photos, 1,600 ft/climb
Sunday: 7.5 miles: 2 mile uphill run (high intensity) and 2 mile downhill/technical run (high intensity). 2,500 ft/climb

Running Miles: 71.5
Elevation Gain: 14,885 ft/climb
Biking: sadly, none
Cross training: does sitting in a hot tub count?

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