Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Training Journal 3/18-3/24

Monday, March 18- Sunday, March 24, 2013: This week I really committed to doing some quality workouts. I got my blood tests back that would hopefully pinpoint what's been going on with my energy and breathing.  It seemed to indicate that I am low in iron and my immune system is not up to par.  Really I need to have the results analyzed by a real doctor, not Doctor Candice.  So the mystery continues.  I was able to get a great track workout in plus a tough 50k training run.  On the cross training side, I did 3 biking sessions at altitude thanks to our awesome new Hypoxico altitude mask/machine.  I'm hoping to be consistent enough for these workouts to improve my fitness.
Some of the hills near the Yakima Skyline 50k course.
Monday: 8.5 miles, Sehome hill & urban loop, 900 ft/climb
Tuesday: 5 miles from N. Chuckanut Trailhead with BTRC, 1293 ft/climb. 29 mile bike ride with 2,300 ft/climb, ~2hr
Wednesday: Track workout 8x400 meters plus 6 miles, 8 total miles with 550 ft/climb. 30 minute altitude bike workout indoors.
Thursday: Ran the Yakima Skyline 50k course, 9,777 ft/climb
Friday: 30 minute altitude bike workout indoors. 45 minute core/arms/legs workout.
Saturday: 7 miles on the treadmill with 1 minute faster running per mile. 1 hour altitude bike workout. 30 minutes core/arms/legs.
Sunday: 15 miles, pushing the hills. 2,018 ft./climb.

Running Miles: 74.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 13,988 ft/climb
Biking: 4hrs total biking: 29 mile bike ride outdoors with 2,300 ft/climb. Plus 2 hours total indoor biking altitude training (@10,000 ft)
Cross training: 1hr. 15min total
Running hours: 16 hr 20 (approx)

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